Craft beer tends to attract a unique, creative, fun group of people. As such, craft beer cans usually sport excellent artwork in vibrant, eye-catching colors. A jewelry maker from my early teens, I wanted to find a way to combine my love of craft beer, its artwork, upcycling, and jewelry, so I created Beerings™.

Beerings are my own, unique, copyrighted design made from screen printed craft beer cans I have collected from around the world. Each pair is custom made, so no two pairs are the same.

Customers can select the color or colors of their Beerings, whether they would like them to be large or small, and can request specific breweries’ cans. If they are screen printed and I can get my hands on them, I’m happy to oblige!

I’m also working on rolling out necklaces and bracelets in the near future – so keep watching! Updates will be posted on my Facebook pages Miss Lupulin and Beerings as well as on my Miss Lupulin Instagram.

Below is a sampling of some of my past Beerings.

When you’re ready to pick a pair of your own, contact me for current pricing and to start on your design!